Monday, February 7, 2011

Dinner #6 Anniversary dinner part 1

On Friday February 4th, 2011 we headed to Idaho Falls to celebrate our 1 year anniversary (its really on the 6th) and have a weekend out.

We found a killer deal for the Hilton! Now don't think we are big spenders, we decided on a budget and the Hilton deal was below budget, woo hoo!! The clincher was there is a restaurant in the lobby (with a free giant breakfast the next morning)!

The groom got the steak

the bride got the salmon! droool!

awww the cute couple, and the only people there.

Dinner #5 Craigo's Pizza

On Thursday February 3rd, 2011 we decided to take the tour of the new building on campus. We were told Crossroads (the yummy cafeteria, really, its yummy!) would be open until 8pm but at 7:30 it was closed :(

It was late, and we were HUNGRY! So we drove down the hill and ended up at Craigo's Pizza (or Pizza Pie Cafe, or whatever they are calling it these days). We love eating there on special occasions because they are an all you can eat place!

I go for the salad bar and fresh cooked pasta!

He is a purest and goes strictly pizza!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dinner #4 - Ramen stir fry

Wednesday February 2 2011

Totally ran out of time today and only had 45 minutes to make dinner before making Relief Society visits. Ah Ramen, my quick back up :)

best way to finish a quick meal, chocolate milk

Dinner #3 - Chicken Primavera

Tuesday February 1 2011

I was trying to figure out what to do with a half a head of cauliflower while watching the movie "I.Q." and I found a recipe for easy Chicken Primavera! YUMMY!!! Added fresh broccoli and cauliflower and it was so good!!

Look at the blissful look on his face!

Dinner #2 - bbq pork

Monday January 31st

I found this recipe while I was scanning (one of my favorite websites!) and I found a recipe for pork steaks with bbq sauce and lemon juice. OOOO!! Jeremy loves bbq sauce and I LOVE lemons. We also have a freezer full of frozen pork steaks. What!? They are always on sale!

We also get Bountiful Baskets with friends of ours every weekend, its where we get all our fresh fruits and vegetables. ITS THE BEST CO-OP EVER! oh, and some canned fruit we had in the cupboard... yum?

Happy food face

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dinner #1 - Dry steak and broccoli. yum

January 30th 2011

Dinner #1!!!

For being the first dinner in my new adventure it was kind of a flop. I massively over cooked the steaks... but Mr. Man ate it all :)

365 days of Dinner

I am back. Again.

So I've been trying to figure out what to do with this blog. Should I just shut it down? Should I try it again? But how?

Back up.

On Sunday the Hubby decided it was time for us to clean the kitchen. Sigh. Our kitchen is the worst part of our house: we dump (ok, I dump) all the stuff from our hands on the table or chairs, or floors if all the other surfaces are full. Our parking spot is right outside the kitchen door so that's the first room we walk into. It is always messy. So when hubby decided we clean it, he meant it! The kitchen is now GLORIOUS! It is clutter free and we can EAT AT THE TABLE! Yes, we've been eating on the sofas for the last... 6 months.

It was wonderful eating at the table (maybe a little cold, since I couldn't cuddle with the electric blanket while we ate) and I took pictures and made Jeremy take pictures of me. THEN IT HIT ME: 365 days of dinner. I have lots of friends who take a picture a day and blog about it. Why don't I take a picture of dinner every night. We eat dinner everyday, why not document it. Dinner everyday no matter what, no matter where.

I'm so excited and when I told Hubby about it he.... laughed, and laughed and laughed. So that finalizes it! I am doing it partially to spite him and partially because I love food and need to express it somehow!